Think of an animation like a suitcase of information. We need to find the right elements to communicate that information in a simple and effective way, making each and every animation is unique.

Video Production

Social Media Stories

Animated Explainer

2d Animation

The Process

Throughout the development process each variation will be analysed against the attributes, target market and delivery method. This constant analysis will ensure all animations communicate the right message to the right people.


What exactly do you want?

I need to know what message it is you are wanting to communicate with your audience, including demographics and targets.


Visual Approach

I will create a story board and design style guide with colours, fonts and assets. This will create a foundation in which we can build the animation on.

completion Progression


I will develop the animation and we will discuss the progress, share thoughts and mould the animation into a finished product.


Artistic Video


Custom API

Public Animation Projects

I have worked on a range of websites, from custom design development to back-end systems upgrades. For more information you can contact me here
How Do I Become An Agent?

Castle Creativity Promo:
Digital Marketing Agency
How Does Network Work For Agents?
How Do I Scrap My Car?

In my experimental work I focus on bring to light relevant topics using the power of art. A lot of my work in this section is very different to my usual stuff. I aim to use art in such a way it creates a lasting effect on the audience while delivering the correct information to support. With this animation I wanted to show the world the real horrors of what was happening when America was drone striking Syria. The numbers in the video are subject to change and this animation was created in 2018. Viewer discretion is advised.


Some elements of the work below are missing, such as; music, intro, outro etc. This is due to the fact these are NOT finished pieces but cancelled or half-finished jobs.


Ex Won’t Change

This piece of work was meant to be for a campaign that encouraged people aged between 20 and 50 to upgrade their phone to the latest releases. The idea is based on an older phone opening an app and crashing.

No Spark

I was approached by a client and tasked with creating a tinder like video for phone upgrades. Before the artwork could move onto the next stages of the design the job was cancelled.

Seeing Your Ex

This piece of work didn’t make it far past the first initial design. The idea is based on a conversation based on the topic of a girls EX. The video tries to push the idea of moving onto a new phone upgrade.