Logo Work


This logo was for an event based on 80’s dance/groove music.


McBoats is a family owned business that have been fishing for 38 years and has pioneered several fisheries on the Western Australia coast. Based in Geraldton, the family vessels fish the Western Australia coast in some of the most remote and pristine waters of Australia. McBoats products proudly come from sustainable fisheries and use the latest technology for minimum impact with our local environment. Our products are processed for export and snap frozen at sea as quickly as possible to produce the freshest tasting seafood possible to customers tables.


F.I.P are a photography group that focus on what’s relevant now.


This logo differs from the others in the way that it has more life, VYRO is an American EDM dj who produces music with a lot of energy.

A Plus

A Plus is a French house dj, this logo is a special edition to support gay pride.


My very own personal logo. I Feel like I’m un-finished as a person and I wanted this to come through in my image. Although un-finished, I like to think I have a different view and unique style. I wanted to show this in a bold but modern way.


This logo is for an underground night club. This club plays a huge range of music and is mostly used for private hire. The brief requested this logo look classy and smart but would suit any genre of event. The logo also needed to show how the club has survived time, this is why the use of a vinyl record was used.

WUMWUM Productions

This logo is for a media production company that specialises in music visuals. This logo needed to work in black and white and have a great impact, no matter if its animated or stand-still. You can view

Ali’s Place.

This log is for a talk show: https://alisplace.club/



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