Greenall’s Gin

How I made Greenall’s Gin the British quintessential moment.

This project was a competition entry for YCN in my first year at university. The brief required me to design a campaign based on quintessential British moments. I had designed a few different outcomes, but I struggled to link Greenall’s with the moments, as it just did not work. This is when I come up with the idea to make Greenall’s the reason British moments exist. I made Greenall’s Gin the British quintessential moment.

Greenall's Marketing Campaign

My Process

I went through several different starting points and none of them were good enough, I repeated my research several times to create the outcomes you see now.


With this brief I started my research by interviewing people that drank Gin, to find out just why they do so.

Visual Experimentation

I developed several visual aesthetics corresponding to my research, altering colours and focus points.

Final Outcomes

Once the artwork is finished I run it through a few small tests to ensure the audience completely understand the message.

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